run nc studio 5.5.6 for simulation without card nc windows 10

  Run EXE file and install software. It is very easy. Simply click on NEXT until installation will finish.
B2ap3 Large Nc Studio Installation Process
By default NCstudio working with Windows XP. If you’ll try to run it on another version of window you’ll get an error. But there is one trick that will allow you run it in another version of Windows. To do that open property of NCstudio.exe and switch to Compatibility tab. Set it to work with compatibility with Windows XP  
B2ap3 Large Run Ncstudio With Compatibility With Windows Xp

How to run NC studio without controller card

Now if you’ll try to run NCstudio you’ll get a notification that card not connected. To run it without motion card copy and paste file NCSTUDIO.DAT from zip file into software installation folder. Replace existed file with it. Now try to run it. Everything should work.   dwd

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